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World first review of Zenitar 35mm f/2 for Sony E mount


SonyAlphaBlog tested the new Zenitar 35mm f/2 FE lens and concluded:

The Zenitar 35mm F2 , (700 euros) is a niche artistic lens. Its build quality is good , it is compact and small , but ergonomics are a little bit weird with no aperture ring but more an aperture crown on the front lens.
The image produced have a lot of field curvature which means there will be only one region in focus. In that zone the sharpness will be good to very good wide open which is rare for such artistic lens.
Contrast and colors are good , but the key signature of this lens is the bokeh balls at F2 that looks like trioplan Soap bubble bokeh, together with some background blur that looks like a zoom effect. You only get that effect at f2 , with light in the background and with your subject being between 50cm and 100cm. In those circumstances for portraits or flowers it produces images with a unique signature that I found better than the Trioplan 35mm F2.8 by Meyer Optik Görlitz, that had bad sharpness and not very little visible soap bubble bokeh at 35mm
This is definitively not a generalist 35mm manual lens, but if you like special rendering of bokeh / background blur this is definitively a lens to consider like the Helios 40-2 and Helios 44-4 , or Lomography Petzval 55mm F1.7 MkII
If you look for an all purpose 35mm generalist lens , I recommend you the Kipon Iberit 35mm F2.4, that give very nice results for a small price (350 euros)


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