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There’s $490 to be saved on this Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 in this Black Friday 2021 deal

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We know why you are here. You have waited all year to upgrade your laptop and now Black Friday is upon us you are ready to pull the trigger. All you need is to be pointed in the direction of a great Black Friday deal and you can wave goodbye to that slow, scratched, well past its prime laptop you have been pulling out at meetings for the last six months.

Well, hello you, here’s the deal you wanted. You can save a huge amount (33% to be exact) but snapping up this Samsung Galaxy Book Pro direct from Samsung, cutting out the middle man and keeping the cash in your pocket. Let’s check out the deal and then go a little deeper into what it is that will be arriving on your doorstep before you know it.

Save 33% on the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360

*Prices are subject to change

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Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360

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Save $490 / 33%

When you click the link about you will be whisked directly to the page on Samsung’s website which is where the savings begin. The yu will be able to customize your Galaxy Book Pro to get the machine you want/need/have always dreamed of.

You will be able to choose whether you want it to come pre-loaded with either Windows 10 or Windows 11 (we would suggest the latter to save you having to upgrade manually at some point in the near future anyway).

You will then be able to choose your screen size from the even cheaper 13.3 to the one we have priced up here, the 15.6″. From then on add the RAM and choose your color from either Magic Bronze or Mystic Nacy and you are good to go.

The screen

Samsung tells us this is the most advanced screen they have ever had in a Galaxy Book and we believe them. Vibrant, cinematic viewing at 100% color volume and a contrast ratio of millions to one mean you can use this little marvel either inside or in direct sunlight.


An 11ith Gen Intel Core i7 does the business in the brains department and coupled with 16GB of Ram the Galaxy Book Pro really flies through the tasks you need to perform. Check it out at the link above and treat yourself before everybody realises Black Friday is this weekend and snap them all up.

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