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Sony Is Slowly Letting PS5 Owners Use PlayStation App To Share Screenshots and Video Clips

PS5 owners in Canada and Japan can now use the PlayStation app to share screenshots and gameplay videos captured on the console as Sony starts testing the new feature. The new feature, currently in beta, will let users upload captured media to the cloud, stored on PlayStation’s servers for 14 days, and then download them on their smartphones through the PS App.

The new beta will let users upload and save the following types of content through the PS5:

To enable the feature, users need to link their PS5 to the PlayStation app, and enable ‘Stay Connected to the Internet’ setting under rest mode. After that, in the PS5’s Media Gallery, an option to enable auto-upload media will become available. Trophy moments and Activity Challenge auto-captures won’t be uploaded for sharing on the PS App. Currently, for beta users in Japan and Canada, a PS Plus subscription is not necessary to access this feature.

While the feature is only available as a limited-beta release, it’s nice to see Sony finally acknowledging their shortcomings when it comes to sharing media on the PS5. There is no mention of when the feature will make its way to the wider public, but with the feature currently in testing, we may not have to wait long.

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