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Is It Everything You Need? K+F Concept Filter Package Review

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If you like convenience, then the K+F Concept Filter Package gives you a ton of it. In the same package, you’ll get an ND, CPL, and a UV filter. Better yet, they’re magnetic. Magnetic filters have had varying degrees of build quality over the years. But most of all, they’re quick and easy to use. It goes without saying that lots of folks love convenience. Anything you can do to save time works! Yet, at the same time, if you’re a seasoned landscape photographer, you’re probably always early to the scene. So does the K+F Concept Filter Package really belong in your camera bag?

Too Long, Didn’t Read

The K+F Concept Filter Package provides a ton of utility for the photographers that need it. The convenience of a magnetic filter system is huge. You can easily switch from a UV filter to CPL to an ND filter if you need. But it’s a bit poorly executed with what K+F Concept is doing here. 

Pros and Cons


  • Good quality
  • Easy to Use
  • Good build quality
  • Very resistant to fingerprints


  • Major vignetting when you stack all three filters
  • A bit too much wiggle room for my liking.

Gear Used

We tested the K+F Concept Filter Package with the Leica SL2s and the 16-35mm f3.5-4.5 SL lens.

Tech Specs

Tech specs are taken from the Amazon listing.

  • 【Professional Magnetic Lens Filter Kit】 This filter kit includes MCUV+CPL+Neutral Denstiy ND1000+1 magnetic adapter ring + 1 waterproof zip filter pouch. Note: This magnetic filter set has two combination methods: 1. Magnetic Adapter Ring + CPL+ ND1000. 2. MCUV+CPL+ND1000.
  • 【One Second Filter Swap & Install】 Still screwing your filter awkwardly? Now it is time to free your hands. This magnetic lens filter kit could be installed in less than one second compared with conventional six-seconds screw.Swap and intall the filter in one second even on the cold weather, avoding frozen hands.
  • 【Import Optical Glass and Multi-coated】 All the filter are made of Germany optical glass, high quality in light transmitting and transparency, no ghost and flares. With 16 multi-layer coated waterproof ,scratch resistant and oil proof. Providing you a perfect photographing experience and professional protecting for lens and camera.
  • 【Ultra Slim Frame】 Ultra slim frame ensures no vignetting and dark corner on 16mm wide angle lens. CNC non-slip system intensing the friction , easy for install.
  • 【4 in 1 Waterproof Zip Filter Pouch】This filter waterproof zip fitler pounch with 4 layer room for filter collecting, metal clasp for handy placements and velcro seal to your belt for fetching the filter easily.


There isn’t much to the ergonomics on the K+F Concept Filter Package. There are three filters and one ring. The kit has dividers that keep everything organized, sort of. You’ll use the ring on your lens first. Then, since they’re magnetic, you’ll attach the filters as needed.

Build Quality

There are lots of parameters when it comes to the build quality of the K+F Concept Filter Package. One of the biggest and most traditional factors is the build quality of the rings themselves. These are made of metal. They’re built a whole lot better than the plastic ones we’ve used from other brands. For what it’s worth, these are made of metal. Of course, they have to be if they’re a magnetic filter system. The filters themselves easily attach and fit onto the magnetic ring. However, the sizing can vary just a bit. You’d think that all 82mm filters would be created equal. But that’s not the case. In fact, there’s wiggle room with these–enough to give me pause. 

Please check out the Instagram Reel we did above for more!

The wiggle room comes in when you stack filters. For example, if you’re using the UV filter and then stack the Circular Polarizer on top, it will wiggle around. But if you put just the CPL, then it will be fine. I typically only use filters like this once I’ve set up with a tripod. However, the wiggling is a concern for someone photowalking without a tripod.

What really amazed me is how very resistant the K+F Concept Filter Package is to fingerprints. On certain filters, I like that look. Fingerprints shouldn’t affect modern image quality, but sometimes it does. As does dust on a filter. With all this said, the K+F Concept Filter Package has filters that really resist it. When I went to go use them, my fingers were a bit greasy with beard oil. But it got minimal smudges on the glass. I was astonished. 

Ease of Use

The K+F Concept Filter Package is pretty simple to use in the field. First, you attach the magnetic ring. Then you put any one of the three filters you wish on there. Truthfully, this could probably be only two filters instead of three. In my tests, the CPL changed its effect even without the second glass element. What’s more, the very color-neutral ND (Neutral Density) filter isn’t a variable one. 

So essentially, you’re just changing the filters out as you need. 

The system is a lot more catered to using one filter at a time than stacking them. There were times where I used the ND filter, CPL, and UV filter all at once. But it proved to be really shaky.

Further, stacking the filters creates issues. You’re going to get a fair amount of vignetting.

Image Quality

Overall, despite having some qualms about the build quality, I can’t really complain about the individual image quality of the K+F Concept Filter Package. Each filter didn’t affect the image quality negatively at all when stopped down. The CPL is powerful, and I like that. And the ND remains color-neutral while also killing lots of the ambient lighting.

As long as you watch out for the vignetting, your images should look really good.



  • Convenience
  • Image quality
  • Fair price


  • Issues with the vignetting and shakiness

The K+F Concept Filter Package is a good package of filters for when you need them. Are they essential pieces of kit? No. And quite honestly, I’ll probably end up using my Breakthru, PolarPro, Tiffen, Haida, Syrp, or Neewer filters instead. The thing about this type of work to remember is that no one is really, truly pixel peeping into your photos. So with that in mind, anything works. If given the option, I’d consider buying them. But K+F concept is also just not a brand I think of for filters. If I want a CPL, I’m most likely going to reach for PolarPro. If I want an ND, Syrp hasn’t failed me in years. There are tons of filters out there and arguably too much choice. And unfortunately, none of them are doing anything specifically different. 

Magnetic filters are cool, but I’m a bit too paranoid about them. They’re not at all a new concept. They’ve been around for years. But I’d prefer something screwed on and built sturdily. It’s not that the K+F Concept Filter Package isn’t well built. However, stacking the filters just doesn’t work.

We’re giving the K+F Concept Filter Package three out of five stars. Want one? Be sure to check out Amazon for the latest prices.

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