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Get this Tower defense classic game without spending a penny

What could be better than playing a few minutes of Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD during your coffee break? Exactly, that’s what I think! The tower defense game is currently available for Android for free.


  • Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD normally costs $2.99.
  • The game has 4.3 stars with almost 11,000 reviews and 100,000+ downloads.
  • There is no advertising, but a few in-app purchases.

If you like to play tower defense games, you can’t really get around the Defense Zone series by Artem Kotov. The game is well worth the usual $2.99 – but if it’s available for free, which makes it even more worth downloading.

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Why is Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD worth downloading?

If you’re not familiar with the game genre, tower defense games usually require you to use various weapons to prevent enemy troops from getting from point A to point B. There are a fantastic billion good and especially bad games in this genre. The Defense Zone series is convincing all along the line. This applies to the graphics as well as the gameplay and difficulty level.

The latter is quite crisp, especially in this part of the game. You can choose between four different difficulty levels, but even on “easy” you’ll quickly be lost without the right strategy. So you’ll have to think about where to place your weapons and which weapon type to select.

Another tip: You can also decide whether a weapon attacks the strongest or weakest enemy, or even the one closest to the exit. Make sure to use this option!

In the video, you already get a nice impression of what awaits you. The enemy wants to defeat you by land, sea and air. You can (and must) upgrade your weapon towers to increase their range and effectiveness. If all the fun isn’t fast enough for you, you can select a higher speed for the game in the menu. With the latest update of the game this month, the developer has not only added a new level, but also offered a new speed option: If you want, you can also make the fun run 16 times.

You will be spared from advertisements in the game. So you can concentrate more on the really great graphics. This is especially effective when you zoom into the action. For the overview, however, it is worth zooming out as far as possible.

Does Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD take your privacy into consideration?

There are in-app purchases, but you can manage without them. Again, the levels are often crisply difficult, but a change in strategy often works wonders, so you don’t have to buy additional weapons. Don’t be alarmed if you check out the game via the Exodus privacy platform: In addition to 6 trackers of no further concern, a whopping 26 requested permissions are listed! The number isn’t as bad as it looks, though, because many of them relate to specific smartphone manufacturers and their launchers.

The privacy policy gives you a pretty thorough list of what information is collected. This list is also quite extensive, but not really out of the ordinary. Especially these days, you might be interested to know that the developer is from Russia. That doesn’t have to stop anyone from downloading, but I wanted to at least give you the info.

Nevertheless, Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD is a great game in my opinion, but it’s also a lousy time eater. The fact that this article is not published a day later is therefore a pure miracle! Let us know in the comments what you think of the game and if you like tower defense games in general.

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