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Free apps for Android & iOS: These Pro versions are currently free

As we do every week, NextPit brings you a selection of great deals on mobile apps and games for iOS and Android that are normally paid for but are temporarily free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

This list is updated weekly with at least two weekly editions on Tuesday and Friday. Between publication and the time you are viewing this article, some apps may have reverted to paid status. Google Play Store promos on apps are easy enough to predict, but it’s more complicated with App Store promos since Apple doesn’t specify how long the discount is valid.

Quick tip: You find an interesting app, but you can’t really use it right now? Install the app anyway, then delete it from your device. This way, the app will become part of your app library and you can install it again for free when you need it. A good way not to miss out on a short-lived promo.

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Temporarily free Android apps on the Google Play Store

Android productivity/lifestyle apps temporarily free on the Google Play Store

  • Rotation Control ($0.99): This app allows you to control and rotate your screen from anywhere, without having to leave the running app.
  • Ringtone Scheduler ($0.99): This application allows you to schedule and changes the ringtone of your smartphone according to the time of day.
  • Home Workouts Gym Pro ($1.49): Get back into your exercise routine without leaving home, with different programs that eliminate the need for equipment.
  • Photo Motion ($2.99): Bring your photos to life by animating them and easily create amazing short videos.
  • Livemocha ($0.99) : This app lets you learn more about the language of your choice in just a few days.
  • 90X Photo Lab Editor Pro ($5.49): An all-in-one photo application with several types of effects to enhance your photos.

Android mobile games temporarily free on the Google Play Store

  • Merge Number Puzzle ($3.99): A simple but addictive puzzle where you select a number and click on the empty space you want to drag.
  • Everybody’s RPG: Reborn ($0.99): A classic RPG with high-quality graphics and dozens of heroes with different abilities.
  • MathLand Full Version ($3.99): This educational game for children and adults allows you to learn math while enjoying a real adventure full of action and educational games about arithmetic.
  • Grow Zombie VIP ($1.99): Awaken zombies by learning special skills and go on a hunt with your unit.
  • Bottle target shooting Master ($9.99): A bottle shooting game that includes several colored glass bottles, which you must break and shoot within a given time frame.
  • Ball Balance 3D ($0.99): Take control of the level environment to guide your little ball to the exit in this unique new adventure.
  • Monster Killer Pro ($0.99): Go on an adventure to kill all the monsters in the legendary London suburb.

Temporarily free iOS apps in the Apple App Store

Productivity/lifestyle iOS apps temporarily free in the Apple App Store

  • DoubleTake by FiLMiC Pro ($1.99): This app turns your iPhone into a multi-camera studio allowing you to capture video from two cameras at once on newer devices.
  • Recent Contacts ($2.99): This application allows you to see your most recently added contacts with all the details like the exact date and time of the addition for example.
  • Make A Call ($1.99): This app allows you to make fake calls thanks to the many users ready to answer them.
  • Easy Spending Budget ($0.99): This application allows you to control your expenses and save money.
  • Network Utility Pro ($1.99): Stay on top of your network with this application that offers a user-friendly set of network tools that will help you analyze your local network and much more.
  • Comment Picker for YouTube ($0.99): This application lets you pick winners from tons of commenters or users.
  • Events? Eventium! ($3.99): This calendar app displays well-detailed real-world events instead of just bullet points.

Temporarily free iOS games on the Apple App Store

  • Jumpy Wheels! ($0.99): Jump through all the objects on the wheel and bring water to your drought-ridden world.
  • Shadow Of Death ($0.99): A captivating fantasy RPG that will keep you busy on the go.
  • Pre K Preschool Learning Games ($4.99): This educational game for toddlers contains 36 different categories of more than 850 objects (items) that a toddler needs to learn his or her name in preschool.
  • The Secret of Crimson Manor ($0.99): Discover and solve the surprising secret behind the mysterious Crimson Manor.
  • Peppa Pig™: Golden Boots ($2.99): This app encourages preschoolers to explore the wonderful world of Peppa Pig through a number of fun games, featuring the beloved characters, music and sound effects.
  • Betta Fish ($2.99): This game captures the beauty of Betta fish like never before in a virtual 3D aquarium. Design your own stunning aquarium with up to 10 variations of Betta fish to interact with.
  • Rain Drop Catcher ($1.99): Had a tough day? Why not test your digital reflexes by watering your plant in this game.

What do you think of our selection this week? Have you found any more interesting apps or games on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store? Don’t hesitate to share your recommendations in the comments.

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