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Elden Ring Walking Mausoleum compound guide

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If you’ve been hunting the Walking Mausoleums that are lumbering around the overworld of Elden Ring, then you’ve probably been hoping to find more of them. Well, you’re in luck. There’s an area of the game where a couple of these beasts are clustered together, hidden from the main paths, and offer even more of those rare chances to duplicate remembrances and use them for an insane amount of runes, or to get those much-coveted boss weapons and abilities. We present our Elden Ring Walking Mausoleum Compound guide.

How to Get to the Walking Mausoleum compound

Walking Mausoleum Compound Map

Getting to the Walking Mausoleum Compound can be a bit of a challenge, mostly because of the powerful enemies that are waiting in the area for you. You’ll need to take the route that starts at the mid-way point of the lake’s east side. Follow that road to the north, but make sure you take the route that leads up the hill or you’ll end up in a river well. We’ve marked the route on the map above for you, but it can be difficult to follow in one go with enemies bearing down on you. You might want to plan pit stops on the way to grab the points of grace.

Once you get to the area filled with top-heavy Norse-like warriors, you need to be careful. These guys will launch insanely powerful ranged attacks at you, so keep your volume turned up, and try to dodge them as best you can. If not, just heal up immediately and keep moving between points of grace until you hit the Mausoleum Compound point of grace.

Dealing with the Walking Mausoleums

WAlking Mausoleum Compound Mausoleum Locations

Neither of the Walking Mausoleums is all that different from the normal kind you find stalking the main areas of the game, but there’s a bit of a knack to taking them on, partially because you’re also shockingly close to another field boss area and a bunch more of those strange Norse enemies with bows and big axes nearby. We’ve numbered the mausoleums on the map above and below we’ll cover how it’s based to tackle each one.

First Mausoleum

This one is probably going to be sleeping when you approach it, but it’s not always slumbering. Approach it and you should see it has clusters of those skull weak points near its legs. For the most part, this is a standard fight with one of those things. Strike at the legs, watch out for stomps, and try to avoid getting big rocks dropped on you when the thing shakes while you’re under it. The big thing to watch out for here is the enemies who are standing just off to the southeast, and who will overcomplicate things if they aggro on you. One final note to watch for is that these mausoleums are tricky, and will sometimes go down before you’ve taken out all of the skulls, crushing you underneath, so don’t stay down there for too long at once.

Second Mausoleum

Walking Mausoleum Compound Leaping

Now, this is where stuff gets interesting. You can probably hear this one coming well before you can see it because it’s a happy little bunny and likes to jump around a lot. This makes the fight a bit more perilous, because if you’re even close to this thing when it lands, you’re probably going to die, but then again, you did just let a building land on you. It’s best to go in for a few swipes at its legs then quickly barrel away on your horse and wait for it to finish jumping. While it is possible to stay under for longer and just react to the crouching animation, you’re much more likely to end up as a pancake this way, but the choice is yours.

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