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EKSA GT1 Cobra True Wireless Gaming Earbuds Review


EKSA impressed us with the build and the case feels pretty solid considering the cheap-feeling plastic from which it’s constructed. There is a slight rattle present but nothing that makes us question how it’s built since they’re functionally fine. The lid flips open and snaps closed in a satisfying and secure feeling way due to the fairly strong neodymium magnet hidden in the hinge. The case quality falls short of the venerable AirPods but considering the $50 price, it’s better value for money by a large margin.

The earbuds themselves are less impressive. Lightness is good for comfort, but these are almost completely weightless, which casts doubt over their safety when outside of the case. In addition to this, the shiny plastic which makes up the bulk of their construction feels substandard in contrast to the far nicer material used in the case. The build quality of the case is impressive, but the earbuds are disappointing.

Sound quality

Small form-factor earbuds are not typically known for their vast audio range or powerful bass and unfortunately, the GT1s are no exception. The bass is essentially non-existent and the highs are exceptionally tinny. The mids are impressive by comparison, which isn’t saying much. For use on a phone call, they are fine, but if you’re a music fan it’s recommended that you try to stretch your budget just a little further to get a better pair, they are perfectly serviceable for a $49 price point, but are far from audiophile quality. The headphones do get fairly loud, but maxing it out degrades the sound quality even further, which is something to be aware of if you’re considering these for a loud commute or exercise in a busy gym.

Gaming mode

One of the selling points of the GT1s is the “gaming mode”. Toggling between music and gaming mode is done by a quick double-tap of either earbud. During testing the difference between these two modes was found to be minute. A slight boost to the bass was the only noticeable difference. We’re not quite sure how slightly boosting up bass means it’s for gaming, but that’s how they’ve chosen to denote it. It’s also worth noting that these are not compatible with the PS5 or Xbox Series S or X family of consoles as they all do not currently support Bluetooth audio. Thanks to a recent firmware update, you should be able to use these on Nintendo Switch without a hitch, however.



The GT1s fitted us like a dream and EKSA has included three different sizes of rubber earcaps for you to choose from. Once you’ve figured out what suits you best, they should fit comfortably and you can be forgiven for forgetting they’re even there after a few minutes. This is a double-edged sword, as a little more weight would make it easier to notice if you’ve lost one which is a potential problem. One issue is that for us the fitting was slightly loose, and so we can’t recommend these if you’re planning on using them for a rigorous workout session. However, your mileage may vary if you’d want to use aftermarket ear tips. The physical earbuds themselves are balanced very well and don’t press or rub on any particular part of the ear.


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