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Cheapest Philips Hue Lamps Black Friday deals

Lamps add a stylish splash of light to any room, and the Philips range of Hue Lamps is going to be one of the most desirable going this Black Friday. From the Philips Bloom table lamp to the Play light bar and more, Philips have an incredible variety of smart table lamps to suit whatever it is you’re looking to illuminate – whether it’s a bedside table, your home office, or adding some extra ambiance to your TV stand for when you’re watching Netflix or playing on your PS5.

Why buy a Philips Hue Lamp this Black Friday?

Philips Hue Lamps are a stylish, flexible part of the whole Philips Hue range. Unlike the other Philips Hue lights, the lamps are easy to move around and find the perfect position in your home for them. They come with smart bulbs included, or feature an integrated LED – meaning you don’t need to buy extra bulbs, although if you want extra color options or replacements then our Philips Hue Bulbs Black Friday page has you sorted.

One thing the Philips Hue Lamps do have in common with the rest of the Hue range, however, is the ability to set different light levels at the touch of a button. For example, if you’re picking up a smart desk lamp, you can easily toggle between a cool daylight hue to aid concentration, or a warmer, more relaxing light tone for when it’s time to unwind.

Don’t sleep on the Go portable light, either – which works as either a standalone light or as part of your entire Philips Hue smart lighting system.

Where to get the cheapest Philips Hue Lamps this Black Friday?

Philips Hue Lamps will be available from a variety of retailers this Black Friday. Philips Lamps are simply some of the most stylish smart light units available today, deploying Philips’ latest smart light technology in a series of attractive, versatile ways, so they’re likely to be selling out pretty quick. If you spot a cheap deal on these premium products this Black Friday, you’ll want to move fast – so we’ve listed our favorite deals below to give you a headstart.

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