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Canon Launches the PowerShot Zoom in Black | Canon Rumors

Yeah, the twitchers pretty universally love it. I’m not sure why so many Serious Business camera sites/channels tried to review it as if it was meant to be a contender against a 150-600 or whatever; Canon very clearly marketed it as a digital monocular which happens to be able to record record (er, that’s ‘REE-cord’ ‘REC-ord’) shots. The crowd that want a digital monocular with record shots seem to have no complaints. The strange group of reviewers who expect every single device ever released to be a Hollywood-grade cine camera (I’m looking at you, DPR) of course did not like it, but that’s on them for demanding products to be something they’re not intended to be.

It’s not perfect by a long shot and in particular it really needs an additional button to activate focus, and the option to restrict focus to a specific point. It could do with a beefier battery too, of course. But it does what it’s meant to. Nobody should have ever been testing, let alone buying, a device like this expecting it to be a contender for a super-zoom on an R5. If you’re a casual bird watcher, or maybe you just don’t want to carry the 400mm f/2.8 with you on every dog walk, it does the job better than any other digital binoculars or monoculars on the market.


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